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Instructor Rates

  Type of Instruction Retail Block
  Primary Instruction (Student Pilot)
$92 $82
  Advanced (BFR, Checkout, Instrument, IPC, Commercial SEL, CFI/CFII) $97 $87
  Multi (PVT, COM, MEI, ATP)
$122 $112
  TAA Training (Cirrus/Avidyne, Cessna/G1000)
$112 $102
  Owner Aircraft $122 $112
  Chief/Assistant Chief/Sr Pilot Additional Rate per Hour    

Note: Rates shown on this page are cash discount rates.
  Cirrus Transition Course and Full-Day Instructor Price
  1/2 Day (up to 4 hrs)
  Full Day (up to 8 hrs)

  Comprehensive Ground School Taught by Experienced Flight Instructors Price
  Private Pilot Online Ground Training
  Instrument Pilot Online Ground Training $125
  Online training provided through VirtualPOH.com.  
  Please note that the above rates do not include study manuals.  

  Introductory Flight Price
 * Take a 1-hour introductory flight in a Cessna 172SP!   $295

*Introductory flights are for individuals that are new to aviation. One introductory flight per person is allowed. Half hour of ground instruction is also included. Cash discount price shown.
 Certified Flyers Instructors CFI CFII MEI ATP
  Philip Ferrante (Chief Pilot) X X X X
  Matt Minucci (Assistant Chief Pilot) X X    
  Faith Little X X    
  Frankie Salzone X      
  Raymond Gosha X      
  Ronak Lade X X    

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